Postdoctoral Openings

Current openings for postdoctoral researchers

Postdoctoral scholars are exceptional early career researchers who join the research group to pursue one or more ambitious projects suited to a future in a research-focused career. They should have received a Ph.D. in their area of research within the last 3 years and may be seated in either NCSA or NPRE, depending on the topic of their work.
Postdoctoral Researcher - General

Postdoctoral Researcher - General

Start Date: TBD

Required Skills: PhD in nuclear engineering, physics, computer science, or similar

Desired Skills: extensive modeling and simulation experience

Even if direct funding for a new postdoctoral opening is not available in the ARFC group, applications from exceptional postdoctoral researchers, especially those with their own source of funding, will always be considered. The ideal postdoctoral researcher for ARFC would be interested in spending 1-3 years at UofI. A background in nuclear engineering, fuel cycles, reactor physics, and computing will be essential. Such researchers should be interested in conducting research that is in synergy with the mission of the research group as a whole.