Instructions and Checklists for practical, common tasks.

This page is an index of the growing set of guides behind the operations of the research group. It is intended to be a living document capturing the overviews and checklists for mastering the practical, administrative, and computational infrastructure that ARFC relies on for various common tasks. All research group members should contribute to this section early and often. If possible, link to GitHub repositories, gists, or Jupyter notebooks when there is a guide item that can be captured in one.

Getting Started

You’re new to the research group. There are a lot of tasks to get done before you can really fly.

Dealing with Katy

Here are some ways to interact with me that will make my life (and sometimes yours) easier.


We communicate through many channels. Use the communication guide to understand and be prepared to make use of the various meetings, listhosts, chat media, calendars, twitter accounts, and whatnot that tie us together.





Presenting Work

  • How to present
  • What to present
  • Where to present